Health Insurance

Health Insurance

You require health insurance if you are going to be studying in Germany. You can't be enrolled at the university without proof of valid health insurance.
Proof of valid health insurance is also necessary if you wish to extend your visa.
There are different health insurance regulations depending on the purpose of the stay and the age of the student:

Students from the EU

Students from EU or EEG countries (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland) can use the statutory health insurance cover from their home country up until their 30th birthday or 14th semester. With their European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), they can go to a German statutory health insurance company and ask for the required form.

Students with private health insurance in their home country require confirmation of this from their insurance company. This must be presented to a German statutory health insurance company before they can be legally insured.

If you don't have health insurance in your home country, you must take out a health insurance policy in Germany!

For students from all other countries

Students from other countries (non-EU and non-EEG) must take out a health insurance policy in Germany until they are 30 years old or in their 14th semester!

You have the choice between private or statutory health insurance in Germany. Statutory health insurance companies often have cheaper fees for students.
If you opt for private insurance, you require confirmation that you are exempt from statutory health insurance cover.

Students from all countries (including EU and EEG) must take out a private health insurance policy after their 30th birthday!