After admission

Congratulations, you've been accepted to study at Ruhr-Universität Bochum!

You now need to carry out the following steps:

  1. Please confirm that you accept the admission offer at Info Portal Zulassung
  2. Open the letter of admission (PDF file) and read it carefully!
    (For legal reasons, the letter of admission is issued in German. The English translation can be found when you scroll down the document).
  3. Go to the link stated in the admission letter and carry out the Online Immatrikulation.
    This tool will usually be activated in Mid-February (for SoSe) or Mid-August (for WiSe).

The website that will open is available in German only. We have therefore prepared some instructions that will help you through it:

Instructions Online Immatrikulation   (1.9 MB)

Video: How to enrol at RUB – Enrolment for international students

After you've completed those first steps, you can start taking care of the formalities you need to deal with in order to start your (student) life in Germany. The following links provide information on topics such as health insurance, accomodation, visa etc.

Health Insurance

Woman on bridge

You need health insurance if you are going to be studying in Germany. You can find out how to take out health insurance here.

Health Insurance

Visa/Proof of finances


You - as a non-EU-citizen - will require a visa to enter Germany. You also have to prove that you have the necessary financial means to fund your stay. All information can be found here.

Visa/Proof of finances


Room at hall of residence

You will require accommodation during your stay in Germany. Information regarding this can be found here.


New at RUB

View of Forum an Audimax

You can find more important information concerning your start at RUB and in Bochum here.

New at RUB

Download Checklist

We have compiled a checklist for you, so you won't forget anything important before your arrival in Germany.

Checklist: Departure to Germany   (292.0 kB)


The instructions will help you when carrying out the Online Immatrikulation. Should you happen to have problems with the Online Immatrikulation, please send an email to: