Sprachcafé - Language Practice Meet Up takes place online and face-to-face!

In the winter semester 2020/21, the Sprachcafé is a mix of a digital Language Café and our original. Meet your fellow students anytime online via Discord or sign up for our live Sprachcafé week after week. Practice your foreign language skills, help others learn and expand your international network.

The online Sprachcafé is available through Discord. There you can get in contact with your international and local fellow students* in various language chats and try out your foreign language skills.

The face-to-face language café takes place in the seminar rooms of Laerholzstraße 80, but only if the Corona guidelines allow it. You can find out when a live language café takes place on this website, on Instagram or on Facebook! Stay tuned!

Every Monday in the lecture period from 6-9pm (GMT+1), Language Guides will be waiting to take care of you in the language chats.

Participation is free!

!!!From 2 November the Sprachcafé will be available via Discord (Online)!!

Here's the way to the Online Language Practice Meet-Up

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